About Me

research & development is our success factor; creativity is vital.

Computer scientist and engineer, passionate about programming, graphic and new technologies.

I loved computers since I was 12, beginning with tag based languages like HTML and then more complex ones like C and PHP (the accidental language), also ranging over useful tools including Photoshop, Adobe Flash and Cinema 4D, finally choosing study courses in advanced Mathematics and Programming in high school, where I also focused on humanistic studies such as Literature and Philosophy. At 18 I started studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Pisa and later moved to the University of Roma Tre, where I got my Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica, a Bachelor's level degree and I'm currently studying to get a Master's degree.

Latest Repositories


Implementation of the notorious Netkit using Python and Docker, allowing for SDN, NFV and traditional routing protocols.


A managing application that allows to control P4 switches in a Netkit environment


Trains a Neural Network to read handwritten digits (OCR). Uses synaptic for Node.js, socket.io and MongoDB


Google TensorFlow project for classification using images or video input.


An ESP8266-based Wake-on-LAN server


Angular.js tool to configure a netkit lab and generate all the files you need



Docker image for Hadoop 2.8.0